Why Sustainable Branding Matters

Why Sustainable Branding Matters

There’s a lot of noise out there about sustainability at the moment. I mean, A LOT. You can’t escape it. However, despite many brands pertaining to have successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into their business operations, many that consider themselves to be sustainable, only meet one-third of this definition.

On the plus side many businesses are trying to address the environmental impact and amazingly, more than 90% of CEOs say that sustainability is fundamental for success. Newly formed job roles within companies such as CSO ‘Chief Sustainability Officer’  for example suggest that we, as a society, are moving in the right direction.

However, these efforts may still feel futile because, without a strong emotional response to the problem, change will not be at the rate the planet requires. It stands to reason that if a company doesn’t see a financial gain in investing in sustainability, why would they? On the flip-side, there are companies started by selfless individuals who would rather live on the street than compromise on their desire to be sustainable.

It’s important to all brands big and small think about sustainability and ensuring it goes far beyond just environmental impact. Married with the economic and social ramifications, we must consider them in equal weight to ensure a truly sustainable future.


FOR THE DREAMERS is proud to be a brand built from the ground up with sustainability at its heart. Our swimwear is made from regenerated nylon fiber from fishnets and other nylon waste found in the sea. Not only does this eco-friendly swimwear help reduce waste and landfill, but it also helps save the lives of animals we share the oceans with.